Paul’s Words Of Wisdom

  We were fortunate enough to film Paul before his untimely death and he offered some words of wisdom about life. He was asked was there any words of wisdom.  Paul’s response was well you got to live life to the fullest and be caring.  Sometimes it is better off to bite your tongue and […]


  When Paul was given the news he had months to live, after the devastating news and the reality set in, he started planning. He also started discussing death and what happens after you die. Weeks leading up to his death he said “I wonder what happens after you die and what if there is […]

Leap of faith

  On our journey in this lifetime, at some stage there is a moment where it’s time to let go.  Trust in the universe and take that leap of faith. Taking that leap may lead to an amazing experience but won’t be fulfilled or completed until you take that initial step. That first step may be […]

New Day

  Recently I had to energetically disconnect from Paul, which was devastating, but this was to stop me picking up on his feelings of sadness and regret.  Although Paul is still around, I am now free to move forward with my life without feeling this huge loss. Today is the first day in a long […]

Letting Go

  I have been fortunate to be able to communicate with Paul since his death in May 2016 but there comes a day when he needs to move on energetically. For the past few days, I have felt very sad and the need to disconnect, but wasn’t quiet sure from whom. The day finally came when […]


  Do you believe in Destiny?  I do. My version of destiny is that everything happens for a reason. We are directed to people, situations that will assist and teach us lessons. We all gravitate on different energies and frequencies and some of us who are meant to be together gravitate on the same energy. […]