As we celebrate Paul’s 12 month anniversary of his passing, I have sat back and reflected on those 12 months and what I have achieved and created. I have faced many challenges, especially around creating a life without Paul. Although I have not felt lonely, I miss the conversations that Paul and I had. […]


  I had a conversation with mum today and she mentioned about the new melanoma wonder drug and the story about a man that was riddled with melanoma, was on this trial drug and terminal with months to live and now is healthier and planning on going back to work.  Mum said that she was […]


When Paul was diagnosed as terminal and with months to live the enormity of that one statement was overwhelming. Whilst we continued to live as normal as possible, we always had hope that the cancer would just go away, vanish.  But this concept was living in denial.  It is easier to live in denial than […]