Do you believe in Destiny?  I do. My version of destiny is that everything happens for a reason. We are directed to people, situations that will assist and teach us lessons. We all gravitate on different energies and frequencies and some of us who are meant to be together gravitate on the same energy. […]

Signs again

  Recently I have been looking for signs of Paul and knowing he is around me.  I always look out for a mini car or a truck from an organisation he worked for.  It has been a blessing but also frustrating.  Getting upset for no reason because I hadn’t seen a sign. Then in one […]


  I have been thinking lately about timing.  How often do you hear people say that they were at the right place at the right time or at the wrong place at the wrong time? What if there was no right or wrong time or place and what was meant to be happened? I believe […]

Lost Loved Ones

    When we loose a loved one, we don’t only loose the person but also everything that the loved one did in our lives. I had this thought that when I lost Paul, I didn’t only loose the man I loved and who was my soul mate but also his humour and the conversations […]

Keys lost & found

  A few months back I was walking our dog Ollie around the block and when I reached back home I couldn’t find the house keys.  I searched high and low and started to panic as I couldn’t get back into our house and no one was home.  I telephoned my son who had left […]

Unexpected Signs

  Whilst I was sitting on my veranda the other day, I was thinking about souls and how they came to be and when were they created.  Some very deep thinking.  And then all of a sudden a tiny white feather floated onto my arm. Was this a sign from my angels or just a […]

New Beginnings

  As we head into another new year, I thought I might share some reflection. In 2013 I wanted more peace and serenity, all things to go smoothly and no more drama.  I wanted a new year, a new look and a new me! Financial abundance a definite wish. That was 4 years ago and […]