The Aftermath

  Do we really loose someone when they die?  I have thought about this question for some time and don’t believe so.  We are all energy and although my late husband Paul is not physically here in body, he still remains in my heart and memories, we are still connected. Is there really life after death? […]

Conversations continue

  The day after Paul had passed away; I took Ollie Doggle for a walk and started talking to Paul.  It was a beautiful sunny morning and I looked up at the sky and said good morning darling how are you?  And from then on my conversations with Paul continued only this time from the […]

When your number is up

  My Husband Paul was diagnosed terminally ill with a rare aggressive melanoma with months to live in January 2016. So how does someone fit and healthy end up terminally ill at 60 years of age? The answer is I don’t know.  Who knows when there number is up?  We wander through life not thinking […]


  I was driving past a shopping center the other day where my late husband used to have his haircut and it made me think about endings and death.  No more haircuts, going shopping for clothes or just being around.  Death is a finality, there is nothing more. It made me think of how we […]

The Boat

  Are you aware that the universe constantly gives us signs that relate to us? The issue is we are not aware or looking for them. Here is a good example of the universe letting me know about an experience I had in December 2015, when we were selling our speed boat. Two weeks after our […]

Create Memories

  Life is too short. Instead of accumulating material stuff, start creating memories. When we die we don’t sit up in the afterlife and say, ‘Hey, I loved my iPhone.’ We sit up in the afterlife and remember how wonderful our life was and how much we were loved. Create memories, as at the end […]


  For those who have lost a loved one, they will be very familiar with Grieving. Grieving is exhausting, energy zapping and sometimes overwhelming. Grieving is very personal, physically and emotionally.  We all grieve differently and at different stages. For me it comes in waves.  One minute I will be fine and the next minute […]

The Right One

  How do we know when we have met the right person? For me when I met Paul it was instant attraction.  Over the years as our love grew we became closer to the point that we became one. We were very good mates, friends from the beginning and just continued to grow from there. […]