Being Connected Commences

The business name Being Connected came to Michelle Bourke the Director whilst showering. Asking her guides for inspiration and clarity over her new business name, a few names were running around in her head and Being Connected came as the strongest of them all.  It represented beings as in human beings, being connected on every level.

Once the name of the business was clear, Michelle investigated registering the business name. To her surprise Being Connected was available and hadn’t been used by any other business.

When the business name was registered, Michelle then searched for the website availability.  To her amazement, was available.

Twelve months down the track, Michelle’s dream has become a reality.

Connecting like-minded people to expand and develop their own true purpose. Empowering those that are ready to discover.

With connecting six like-minded specialists together, 2018 is heading for a successful year with talks and workshops planned for each month beginning in January 2018 with the launch of the Being Connected Meet up group.

The group is extremely excited for the opportunity to share their knowledge and skills with others assisting them in a caring, connecting environment.


About the author: Michelle Bourke

Michelle Bourke is on her spiritual journey and Being Connected with like-minded people