Being Connected Workshops

“You came to Planet Earth to find yourself. Happiness, success and abundance are already yours. All you need to do is become master of yourself.”

Dr. Francisco Coll, Founder Americana Leadership College


Personal & Spiritual development workshops are now available as 2 day, full day,  or 1/2 day covering a wide range of topics with hands on experiences.

Tranquility and Accomplishment workshops:

This workshop gives a clear understanding and feeling of the Profound Mystical Meditation vibration and the experience of your beingness as a soul on planet earth. Working with your sea of tranquility at any time a gentle but powerful inner pivot point of living a calm, clear vibration as your daily routine.  With this relaxation comes direction and purpose and the resolution to accomplish.  This vibration is about simplicity an inner knowing without doubt or hesitation. Beingness without effort or thought.  There is lightness and freedom from stress.  It is also a powerful space for people to get their own clear answers and insights.

The Man and the Universe Orientation Lecture:

The Orientation Lecture is a one and a half hour program that explains our relationship to the Universe, our fellow man and our true nature.

Gain a greater understanding of you as a soul with a physical body.

The Four means of Communication / Spiritual Gifts:

This series of five workshops will explain in detail each of the four means of communication / four spiritual gifts we communicate with.  Knowing what your predominant gift or communication strength is will benefit you on a daily basis. Our guidance communicates with us through our spiritual gifts.

Manifesting and Goal Setting:

Usually run at the end of the year this 3 hour workshop prepares you for the following year and sets your intentions and energy to manifest and receive.

Have you ever asked yourself?

Why New Year resolutions don’t work?

In this workshop get in touch with what you really, really want. You will reflect, regroup and set your energy.

Join Michelle in a fun packed 3 hours that is sure to be  beneficial for those who want to manifest and succeed.

Being Connected Workshops Melbourne