Michelle Bourke – Director & Spiritual Consultant / Leader

Business Specialty – Author / Medium / Spiritual & Personal development programs

Mobile: 0419 800 987

Email: michelle@beingconnected.com.au


Michelle has known from a young age that she had a special gift, being able to see spirits and having an inner understanding, being intuitive.  Spending many years developing her gifts and gaining knowledge, she facilitates workshops and provides guidance to others seeking to develop their own true purpose.

In 2014, Michelle had the perfect life, a gorgeous loving husband a strong marriage, a good job and planning on travelling to Europe, a dream they both had for many years.

In a split second that all came crashing down when Paul was diagnosed with a rare melanoma invading his spine.  Within 17 months to the day from diagnosis he was dead.

After 35 plus years in business, Michelle walked away from a corporate career in management to care for Paul, her terminally ill husband during his last 6 months.

Michelle a Trans-medium for over 30 years was able to use her spiritual gifts and inner knowing to assist Paul on his final journey on earth.  Michelle with assistance from her guides was able to predict the date of his death and know that he was being greeted by his aunty when he died.

This spiritual belief and inner knowing became a great comfort when losing her soul mate and love of her life, supporting her during the grieving process.

Michelle continues to have conversations with Paul and he continues to provide comfort, support, laughter and signs beyond the grave.

From this experience, Michelle has created her own business, Being Connected.  Her specialty is bringing like-minded people together to support and empower those that are ready to discover and lead.

Michelle offers one on one trans medium consultations and facilitates personal development workshops and courses.

Michelle continues to show strength and courage when losing a loved one and her determination to help others, inspiring.

Visit Michelle’s author website for further information & updates on her other books.