When Paul was given the news he had months to live, after the devastating news and the reality set in, he started planning.

He also started discussing death and what happens after you die.

Weeks leading up to his death he said “I wonder what happens after you die and what if there is nothing there.” I replied, Darling, and what if there is, how wonderful would that be.  I would be able to talk to you and you could come and haunt me!

Since his death we continue to have conversations, so no doubt I must have been right (Paul would laugh at this, as he said I thought I was always right).

It is the believing that there is something there that makes it more magical and less daunting.

We continue to be connected energetically.  I hear him talk to me in thought form and I can feel him around me.  He has a beautiful loving energy that is very soft.

I believe, do you?

About the author: Michelle Bourke

Michelle Bourke is on her spiritual journey and Being Connected with like-minded people