Letting Go


I have been fortunate to be able to communicate with Paul since his death in May 2016 but there comes a day when he needs to move on energetically.

For the past few days, I have felt very sad and the need to disconnect, but wasn’t quiet sure from whom.

The day finally came when Paul told me that he needed to move on to evolve and lift his vibration.  Although I understand and know he has to move on, it hasn’t made it any easier again to let him go.  I let him go physically in May 2016 and now have had to let him go energetically.

It is devastating to let go of a loved one the first time but just as difficult the second time around. He has been a comfort for me since his passing and gave me the strength and courage to move forward each day.

This doesn’t mean that we are disconnected forever as he remains connected in my heart and soul.

It just means that I need strength and courage to let him go, so he can fulfill his purpose and I fulfill mine.

About the author: Michelle Bourke

Michelle Bourke is on her spiritual journey and Being Connected with like-minded people