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Paul’s Words Of Wisdom


We were fortunate enough to film Paul before his untimely death and he offered some words of wisdom about life.

He was asked was there any words of wisdom.  Paul’s response was well you got to live life to the fullest and be caring.  Sometimes it is better off to bite your tongue and count to 10 and breathe before diving in and having an argument.  Don’t have to argue but compromise and care about what the other person wants.  Think what you are going to say before you say it.  Take a step backwards and think about it rather than having a blue over the issue.

He was asked if he had enjoyed his life so far.  Paul’s response was that he was lucky, he had a good family and Michelle (wife) was an excellent part of his life & was spectacular.

He was asked about any highlights.  Paul responded by saying that having his kids and when they were born and arrived healthy.  Getting to marry Michelle (wife) and having a relationship is spectacular and was lucky as a lot of people don’t get to experience a relationship like that.

He was asked if he would change anything.  Paul responded by saying that there is always something that you would change but only some of the massive disasters, but in some way if you didn’t end up in that disaster you wouldn’t have experienced certain things in which perhaps you had to go through in life.

Paul was very wise and brave

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