As we celebrate Paul’s 12 month anniversary of his passing, I have sat back and reflected on those 12 months and what I have achieved and created.

I have faced many challenges, especially around creating a life without Paul. Although I have not felt lonely, I miss the conversations that Paul and I had.  I miss the male company and opinions and perspective from a male point of view.

I have recreated my career and walked away from a corporate management position to an End of Life consultant.

I have become an author of Conversations with Paul and created a business and two websites. I have also come up with five more ideas and concepts for books and recently developed a workshop around End of life planning.

I have cried, laughed, screamed and been so frustrated with government systems that just don’t work.

I have listened to other peoples stories that are similar and just shook my head in disbelief as they have encountered the same government bureaucratic systems.

I have joined many a meet up group and met some beautiful genuine people.

I have also realised that life is short and once you are dead that’s it, no longer here physically and life just goes on without you.  Its a very sobering experience.

So what have you accomplished or achieved in the past 12 months?  Are you just sitting there and letting life go by?  Or are you out creating the life you want to live?

My motto since I was in my teens is “live life to the fullest” and this was Paul’s also towards the end of his journey.

Are you living life to its fullest?  I certainly am.

At the end of the day, the choice is yours.

About the author: Michelle Bourke

Michelle Bourke is on her spiritual journey and Being Connected with like-minded people