When Paul was given the news he had months to live, after the devastating news and the reality set in, he started planning. He also started discussing death and what happens after you die. Weeks leading up to his death he said “I wonder what happens after you die and what if there is […]

Letting Go

  I have been fortunate to be able to communicate with Paul since his death in May 2016 but there comes a day when he needs to move on energetically. For the past few days, I have felt very sad and the need to disconnect, but wasn’t quiet sure from whom. The day finally came when […]

The Aftermath

  Do we really loose someone when they die?  I have thought about this question for some time and don’t believe so.  We are all energy and although my late husband Paul is not physically here in body, he still remains in my heart and memories, we are still connected. Is there really life after death? […]

Conversations continue

  The day after Paul had passed away; I took Ollie Doggle for a walk and started talking to Paul.  It was a beautiful sunny morning and I looked up at the sky and said good morning darling how are you?  And from then on my conversations with Paul continued only this time from the […]

When your number is up

  My Husband Paul was diagnosed terminally ill with a rare aggressive melanoma with months to live in January 2016. So how does someone fit and healthy end up terminally ill at 60 years of age? The answer is I don’t know.  Who knows when there number is up?  We wander through life not thinking […]